A Gift for Me?!

October 19, 2010  |  Outer Banks Wedding Cake

Yes, a gift for the bride and groom!  At Great Cakes! we give the top tier of any tiered wedding cake as a gift to the bride and groom to be eaten at their first year anniversary.  So, all of the servings for the reception will come from the lower tier(s) of the cake, leaving the top tier intact to be taken home and stored.  But how did this tradition start and how do you go about freezing the topper so that it is just as delicious as it was on the wedding day?

It has been a long standing tradition to save the top tier of the wedding cake to be eaten at either the first year anniversary or at the christening of the first born child, whichever came first.  The tradition was stated in England and is now followed by many newly married couples in the US.

Originally in England, when the history of the anniversary topper began, cakes were a brandy-soaked fruit cake that stored well.  In addition, back then, couples typically had children soon after marriage and the cake was eaten sooner than a year later.

Now-a-days, cakes are made with a wide range of different flavors of batters, fillings and icings making them harder to store.  But we have a fail proof method that should keep your topper tasting yummy 365 days later.   We have had our past brides and grooms contact us a year later to let us know that this tried and true method really does work.  The trick is that Great Cakes! cakes are NEVER frozen.  The first time they ever see the inside of a freezer is at your house, making them able to withstand the freezing process much better than a cake that was previously frozen.

First tip, do not attempt to store the cake in the box provided.  This box is only for travel with cake to your final destination and not meant for storing.  Also, while you are traveling to your home, only keep the topper refrigerated, do not freeze the cake until you arrive to the location where the cake will be frozen for a year.

Once you are at home, find a very air tight Tupper-ware type container and put the topper cake into that.  Voila!  You’re done.  Now starts the hard part, waiting until either the first baby is born or the first year anniversary.

Don’t feel bad if you can’t endure the wait.  We get past brides and grooms asking all the time to order another topper cake because they thought the cake was so delicious the first time that they couldn’t wait a year to eat it again.  Should you fall to temptation  and eat your cake before your anniversary or simply want to get one each year after, just give a shout and we will get a new made up for you.

-          Love is sweet

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