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October 19, 2010  |  Outer Banks Wedding Cake

I was recently at a wedding where the bride and groom cut their own wedding cake to be served to the guests.  Before they started cutting into the cake, there was much discussion about how to go about tackling such a task.  A tiered wedding cake may seem overwhelming to take down and cut, but with a few hints from the people who make the cakes, you too can do-it-yourself.  Or, if you want follow wedding tradition, pick someone special to the bride or groom to help cut the cake as this is considered an honor.

What you will need:

  • Disposable gloves
  • A long knife
  • A spatula/cake server
  • Towel and warm water (to wipe the knife off in between cuttings)
  • Self confidence that you can do it!

First, undress the cake, meaning; remove any extra items on that cake that will get in the way of your cutting.  Things like ribbon, a cake topper, confection flowers, etc.  Then the next step is to dismantle the cake.  To do this, you simply lift each tier of the cake off of the one below.  Each tier of the cake will be sitting on a board.  What you will need to do is to take the cake server and slide it underneath the tier to lift up an edge so that you can grab hold of the cake and then simply lift it off and set it aside.  Do this until all the tiers of the cake are separate cakes.

Take note that there is a good amount of supports that go into make a tiered cake.  There will be dowel rods and or other supports in your cake.  Do not be alarmed that there is “stake in your cake”.  Just remove these items as you disassemble the cake and put them aside.

Now, the task at hand should seem a little bit less daunting.  Except for that extremely large bottom tier of the cake, but we will worry about that in a bit.

CAUTION: the majority of the time, the top tier of the cake is the anniversary topper which the bride and groom freeze to be eaten on their first year anniversary.  Unless you wish to eat your topper during your reception, do not cut this cake.  (See our blog about the anniversary topper for more details about how to store your topper properly.)

Begin cutting the cake making slices anywhere from 1 – 1 ½” wide.  A typical wedding cake slice is 1” thick by 2” wide.  When you get a cake from Great Cakes! this is an ample serving as each of our slices is 4 layers of cake!

SIDE NOTE: You may need to wipe off your knife from time to time as the icing tends to build up.  You will especially need to do so if switching from one flavor to another.

Now, time to work with that over-sized cake.  Start by cutting the large cake into two circles, one circle inside the other (see diagram below) about 2” from the edge of the cake.  After this step is completed, begin making your  1 – 1 ½” x 2” slices going around the outer circle.  Once all the slices are removed from the outer circle, begin cutting slices from the inner circle.  See the diagram below:

Keep in mind that most of the time, the first and last piece cut from a cake are not the prettiest pieces.  Most of the time, bakers take this into consideration and give a little bit of “wiggle room” with the number of servings.

Now, that you have cut all the cake, sit back relax and enjoy your delicious wedding cake and take pride in a job well done!

-          Love is sweet

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