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August 30, 2011  |  Outer Banks Wedding Cake

Wedding Insurance.  What?  Why?  When? Where?

In light of recent weather events, Hurricane Irene, we wanted to share some helpful information about wedding insurance.  As a bride or mother of the bride or anyone helping plan a wedding, you will most likely think of everything from the most important things such as wedding cake (yum!) and a wedding dress to the most detailed items such as the color of ribbon in the flower girl’s hair.  One other thing to add to your list of considerations should be wedding insurance.  With many factors involved with weddings, there are just as many things that might not go according to plan (even though you might not want to think about it), that is when wedding insurance comes into play.

What is Wedding Event Insurance?

Wedding event insurance covers the bride and groom’s investment in uncontrollable circumstances.  For instance, if the caterer cancels the week before the wedding and another caterer has to be hired, at double the price.  Or, there could be a major weather event or illness that causes cancellation/postponement for the wedding.  Or quite possibly, the bride’s luggage gets lost at the airport and the wedding dress is missing.  Wedding insurance can help protect from these types of instances.

Why Do I Need Wedding Insurance?

As a wedding cake company on the Outer Banks of NC, the best answer to that question is weather!  We experience hurricanes and tremendous thunder storms here during the wedding season which can dampen your plans.  With wedding insurance, you can have peace of mind knowing that even if a hurricane is on its way, you are able to reschedule your wedding.  Instead of checking the news channel every five minutes, you will have time to communicate with your vendors to begin the process of rescheduling.

When Do I need to Purchase Wedding Insurance?

The sooner the better.  You will need to check with the specific company you want to use but if you can secure your wedding insurance before putting down deposits, that is best.

Where to Look for insurance?

You will want to check with the wedding insurance company to find out exactly what is covered.  This most likely will depend on the amount of coverage you want to get.  Each company and policy is different.  One company that we would suggest you research is Wed Safe www.wedsafe.com.

Here at Great Cakes! of the Outer Banks, we want each of our bride’s wedding day to be special and perfect.  unfortunately, with so many variables involved with a wedding, there is chance that something may not go according to plan.  This is why we recommend purchasing wedding insurance to help cover the unexpected and give everyone a peace of mind.

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